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Ooty promises to be more spectacular as 66 new varieties of flower seedlings including special species like Acroclinum, Angelonia and Browalia have been introduced. The 117th flower show had commenced on May 17th,2013. The Ooty flower show 2013 was in place from 17, 18 and 19 th May 2013.
Venue at
Botanical Garden, Ooty.
News & Events
  • 4th May 2018 - Vegetable Show Inauguration at Nehru Park, Kotagiri
  • 5th May 2018 - Vegetable Show Valedictory at Nehru Park, Kotagiri
  • 11th May 2018 - Spice Show Inaguration at St.Thomas Hr.Sec. School, Gudalur
  • 12th May 2018 - Rose Show Inagurartion at Govt. Rose garden, Udhagai
  • 13th May 2018 - Spice Show Valedictory at St.Thomas Hr.Sec. School, Gudalur
  • 13th May 2018 - Rose Show Valedictory at Govt. Rose garden, Udhagai
  • 18th May 2018 - Flower Show Inaugration at Govt. Botanical Garden, Udhagai
  • 20th May 2018 - Flower Show Valedictory at Govt. Botanical Garden, Udhagai
  • 26th May 2018 - Fruit Show Inaguration at Sim's park, Coonoor
  • 27th May 2018 - Fruit Show Valedictory at Sim's park, Coonoor
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93 kind of flowers and 42 kinds of Potted flowering plants was displayed in the flower show. Salient flowers exhibited are carnation, gerberas, liliums, Alstroemeria, Tulips Iris etc...
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93 kind of flowers and 42 kinds of Potted flowering plants will be on the display in the flower show.
Salient flowers exhibited are
  • Carnation
  • Gerberas
  • Liliums
  • Alstroemeria
  • Tulips Iris etc.,
  • Asters
  • Antirrhinum
  • Begonia Balsam
  • Cyclamen
  • Calceolarias
  • Dahlias
  • Geranium
  • Gloxinia
  • Lisianthus
  • Orchids
  • Pansy
  • Phlox
will be exhibited.

Government Botanical Garden plants
Abstract of Plants introduced :
  • Arborescent ( 344 ) - ( Download file )

    S.No Name Family Family
    1 Abelia chinensis R.Br. Caprifoliaceae A semi ever green shrub with ovate leaves, rounded at the base and serrate at the marigins. The mid rib is hairy on the under surface. Flowers are white and funnel shaped. And are borne in terminal, dense panicles during Septmper- Novemeber.
    2 Abutilon megapotamicaum St. Sill & Naud. Malvaceae Flowering maple. Chinese Bell flower.
    Slender wiry shrub with numerous bell shaped and drooping flowers. Calyx bright red: There are innumerable varieties. Propagated by new wood cutting. Useful for baskets and vases. Best suited in mixed shrub beries. Demon yellow flowers with bight red calyx.
    3 A. dealbata Link. Leguminaceae Silver wattle.
    A tall quick growing tree with smooth bark and grey pubescent branchlets. Leaflets silvey grey to light green,. Flowers during August to November. Grown for its tannin and fuel. Planted in landscape as an onamental flowering tree.
    4 Acer oblongum Wall. Aceraceae Maple.
    A medium sized evergreen tree thriving above 3000 feet. Suitable for planting as single specimen in lawn.
    5 Alnus nepalensis Betulaceae Alder.
    Quick growing large tree with smooth bark, silvery grey in colour. Leaves elliptic entire or slightly denticulate. The pendulous catkins are of pleasing appearance. The dropping catkins of male flowers are bigger than those of female flowers. Flowering in November-March. Suitable for planting as single specimen in lawns and for foliage.
    6 Alsophilla australis Cyatheaceae Tree fern.
    The groups of tree fern growing wild in the Nilgiris are with their magnificient crest of 16 feet frounds. It is grown from spores, which can be obtained only from old and large specimens. Can be grown along the margins of streams and marshy areas.
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  • Climbers ( 18 ) - ( Download file )

    S.No Name Family Family
    1 Allamanda grandiflora Lam. Apocynaceae Beazil.
    A small evergreen bushy plant with thin and wiry stem, leaves thin, ovate lanceolate, pointed, usually in 3'8", flowers large, lemon yellow, Bloos during March_may. Height 3-5 feet, Spread 1-2 feet. Propagated from cuttings Suited for plnating in mixedshrubberies.
    2 Bignonia cherers Lindl. Bignoniaceae Triumpet Flowers.
    An evergreen climber growing to 50 feet or more. The rather stiff leaves end in a branched tendrill which clings by means of small disks. In flower it is very showy vine with large cluters of reddish tubular blossoms. As trained plant on a wall it should be pruned hard after flowering, later some of the weakest shooting should be thinned out. Propagated by cuttings of half ripened wood nad by layering. Useful for trailing iver arches, pergolas, trees etc.,
    3 Hedra helix Linn. Araliaceae Europe.
    An evergreen English Ivy, Famous in literarture for its long life, its easy propagation, and its unrivalled ability to cover brick and stone walls with adense, thick mantle of glossy green. Leaves are alternate, usually, 3-5 lobed and margins entire, to 4 inches long, on fruiting, branches ovate and unlobed, often with light coloured veins.
    4 Ipomea leari Paxi. Convolvulaceae America. Blue Dawn Flower.
    A perennial twining herb with simple, alternate, cordate-ovate, entire, or sometimes 3 lobed leaves, 8 inches long, pubescent beneath, flowers funnel shaped with 5 angles limb, blue turning pink, the tube white, to 5 inches across. Propagated by cuttings. Usefull for planting fence, trellieses and banks and may be grown on post.
    5 Rambler excelsa Rosaceae Bright scarlet
    Pink double flowers are produced in clusters foliage is thick and glossy. Flowers during March - July. Propagation is by cuttings, Usewful for trailing over bowers, arches and perholas.
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  • Ferns ( 227 )
  • Orchids ( 57 )
  • Cacti & Succulents ( 48 )
  • Perrenials ( 12 )
  • Annuals ( 82 ) - ( Download file )

    S.No Name S.No Name
    1 Acroclinum 43 Linaria
    2 Alyssum 44 Linum
    3 Anchusa 45 Lobelia
    4 Antirrhinum 46 Lupins
    5 Aquilegia 47 Marigold
    6 Arctotis 48 Mesembranthemum
    7 Aster 49 Mignonette
    8 Balsam 50 Mimulus
    9 Bellis perennis 51 Nasturtium
    10 Blue lace 52 Nemsia
    11 Calendula 53 Nigella
    12 Caliopsis 54 Pansy
    13 Candytuft 55 Petunia
    14 Canterberry bells 56 Phlox
    15 Carnation 57 Poppies
    16 Celotia 58 Portulaca
    17 Cherianthes 59 Primulas mollucoides
    18 Chrysanthemum 60 Primulas obconica
    19 Cineraria 61 Rudbeckia
    20 Clarkia 62 Salpiglossis
    21 Coreopsis 63 Salvia
    22 Cornflower 64 Saponaria
    23 Cuphea 65 Scabious
    24 Cyclamen 66 Schizanthes
    25 Cynaglossum 67 Senecio
    26 Dahalia 68 Statice
    27 Delphinium 69 Stock
    28 Dianthus 70 Sunflower
    29 Dimorphotheca 71 Swan river daisy
    30 Echium 72 Sweet pea
    31 Escholtia 74 Sweet sultan
    32 Freezia 75 Ursinia
    33 Gaillardia 76 Venidium fastnosum
    34 Gazania 77 Verbascum
    35 Godetia 78 Verbena
    36 Gyphsophylla 79 Viola
    37 Helichrysum 80 Virginian stock
    38 Hollyhook 81 Viscaria
    39 Lady’s lace 82 Zinnia
    40 Larkspur
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