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Ooty promises to be more spectacular as 66 new varieties of flower seedlings including special species like Acroclinum, Angelonia and Browalia have been introduced. The 117th flower show had commenced on May 17th,2013. The Ooty flower show 2013 was in place from 17, 18 and 19 th May 2013.
Venue at
Botanical Garden, Ooty.
Flower show - Specials
Flower show - 2013 Specials
Every year around 15000 potted flowering plants are showcased. Apart from this, 1500 flower pots are kept by the competitors during the flower shows...
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93 kind of flowers and 42 kinds of Potted flowering plants was displayed in the flower show. Salient flowers exhibited are carnation, gerberas, liliums, Alstroemeria, Tulips Iris etc...
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2013 Specials

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Flower show is conducted in the botanical garden every year since 1896. The first flower show was conducted by the Nilgiri Agri-Horticultural Society. It was inaugurated by the Chairman of Nilgiris Agri-Horticultural Society, Mr.J.H.Tremenhere, the then District Collector of the Nilgiris. The Government of Tamilnadu is conducting, through Department of Horticulture and Plantation Crops, the flower show since 1980 by forming a committee called the Nilgiris Flower and Fruit Show Committee. The flower show attracts about 3,00,000 tourists each year from all over the world. Traditionally, the annual flower show is conducted on third Saturday and Sunday of in the month May ever year. As per the desires of the tourists visiting the Nilgiris during summer season, the period of show days has been increased from two days to three days since 2009.

Every year around 15000 potted flowering plants are showcased. Apart from this, 1500 flower pots are kept by the competitors during the flower shows. Around 150 varieties of flowers in different colours decorate the show. More than 50 varieties of potted plants, 150 varieties of cut flowers, various kinds of tropical, temperate vegetables and fruits are exhibited by the competitors. The Floral decorations, Indian and Japanese flower arrangements, Vegetable carving, Flower Rangoli, Bonsai etc., are the major attractions during the show days. About 250 farmers, private and public institution, and local residents of the Nilgiris and various parts of the country participate in different categories of competitions on the day of flower show. Several government departments and voluntary agencies also display their activities for the benefits of the flower lovers and tourists.

A garden competition is also held involving Estate Gardens, Private Cottage Gardens, Public Gardens and various other categories of gardens, to promote gardening On an average, about 300 gardens compete in the event. Garden competition is held prior to the flower show and best gardens are awarded trophies and prizes on the final day of flower show.
It is planned to conduct the 117th flower show, during May 2013 with the following

  • The Centre of attraction is planned with one Tiger, National animal of India and the three Nilgiri Tar, the state Animal of Tamilnadu with mega floral arrangement.
  • Top ten cupflowers (Tulips, Roses, Carnation, Liliums, Gerberas, Chrysanthemum, Iris, Orchids, Anthurium and Lisianthus) and other commercial cut flowers will be showcased in a grand manner.
  • 99 varieties of Chrysanthemum, 53 varieties dahlias and 28 varieties of Azaleas will be on display in Government Botanical Garden, -the venue of Flower show.
  • A sand sculpture depicting the schemes implemented for the benefit of farmers in The state will be on display (Under consideration).
  • A new type of stage-, first of its kind in the country made of on elevated lawn.
  • The flower show will be ecofriendly and totally free of plastics by using natural materials like cotton, papers, flowers and other plant materials.
  • Visiting public will be motivated to maintain litter free environment with the help of NSS and NCC volunteers.
  • Nilgiri native tribal will be honored by involving them in the flower show by performing their folk arts.
  • The entertainment programme will spread over in various places of Government Botanical Garden.
  • Performance by Madras Regimental Centre of Indian Army in the flower show is the highlight of the show.